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Tell Me Everything

Tell Me Everything, 2008

Editor: Kristen B. DeMay
Poetry Editor: Christopher Cobb
Fiction Editor: Kristen Nowicki
Copy Editor: Lindsay Tigue
Poetry Board: Jacob Belknap
Michelle Buchanan
Alison Doyle
Natalie Eidenier
Courtney Hilden
Amanda Lewan
Liz Young
Fiction Board: Christopher Cobb
Carrie Klemm
Laura Jensen
Laura Mitchell
Maura Stackpoole
Liz Young
Copy Editing Assistants: Alison Doyle
Courtney Hilden
Laura Jensen
Maura Stackpoole
Advisor: Julie L. Loehr

Ambrose, Steven R. "Number 48." p. 38

Bastedo, Scott William. "The Walk Home." p. 112

Belknap, Jake. "In Your Eyes." p. 111

Bennett, Sarah. "Elegy to a Marathon." p. 86

Benson, Jeremy. "Shudder." p. 119

Bolitho-Lee, Julie. "postmarked." p. 96
"the woman's garden." p. 3

Browning, Matthew. "The Absence of Fireflies." p. 77
"Lake Frozen Over." p. 85
"Midterm Election in Detroit, November 7th, 2006." p. 1

Carroll, Justin M. "The Sea Foam." p. 22

Cobb, Christopher. "Children's Dawn." p. 37
"Migrants." p. 72
"Song Underwater." p. 28

Cowan, Caitlin. "Central Park." p. 31
"The Last Time I Saw David." p. 97
"Love Story: A Play in Forty-Three Acts, or Eternalness and Somewhereness Kiss Each Other in Public." p. 76

Drazkowski, Kevin. "We Once Surged." p. 8

Evon, Bill. "Barista Barista." p. 68
"Time is a Drag Queen." p. 141

Fogelsonger, Karly. "Being Luthlic." p. 64
"Monsters." p. 109

Gordinier, Gerald A. II. "Check, Please." p. 98

Grodi, Elizabeth H. "The Son of the Alcoholic Comes to Me in the Night." p. 134

Hamilton, Tom. "Wretched." p. 40

Hederman, Samantha. "Touch." p. 39

Holwerda, Adam. "Leather-Tip Lightman and the Ice Train." p. 4

Kelly, Jimmy. "Hopeless Romantic." p. 14

Krutsch, Erica. "Bipedality Doesn't Impress Me." p. 140

Lewan, Amanda. "Invincible." p. 110

McCullough, Lauren. "Terminal." p. 136

McGrath, Mick. "Better Son." p. 122

O’Brien, Erin. "Florida for Easter." p. 20
"Pediatric Ward: Bed One." p. 12

Riekki, Ron. "An excerpt from the novel Perverse City." p. 78
"I Just Got a Poem Published in a Magazine I've Never Heard Of." p. 70

Remus, Lauren. "The Protest." p. 88

Rose, Elise. "july." p. 2

Sala, Sarah. "In the Air Over Spain." p. 11

Schlitts, Erin. "While the Rest of Us Jumped." p. 135

Singh, Jaspal. "Culver City Gas Station." p. 71

Stone, Jett. "Funerals." p. 32

Stotz, Abby. "The Great American Gyro." p. 100
"Race & Ethnicity in an American Small Town." p. 62

Young, Liz. "My Journal of the Weather for You." p. 120

Zuckerman, Zara. "Drive." p. 21

Fully Clothed

Fully Clothed, 2006

Editor: Kristen B. DeMay
Poetry Editor: Ashley Somers
Fiction Editor: Erin Riojas
Copy Editor: Lindsay Tigue
Copy Editing Assistants: Lauren Kuppe
Natalie Saunders
Stephanie Bulick
Web Design: Nick Miller
Marketing: Rick Thompson
Contributors: Ashley Eveleth
Jacqueline Jones
Poetry Board: Jacob Belknap
Amanda Catherman
Christopher Cobb
Jessica Lucas
Amanda Gardiner
Lauren Kuppe
Elizabeth Pratt
Kristen Nowicki
Jessica Snapke
Lauren Soliday
Stefanie Spiro
Lindsay Tigue
Fiction Board: Scott Atkinson
Stephanie Bulick
Nathaniel Deyo
Amanda Gardiner
Lauren Kuppe
Kristen Nowicki
Matt Pecor
Trisha Poling
Natalie Saunders
Jonathan Shrefkin
Scott Tedford
Advisor: Julie Loehr

Atkinson, Holly. "Down the Rabbit Hole." p. 62

Bell, Christine. "The Definition of Snow." p. 119
"The Siren." p. 117

Bolitho, Julie. "A Woman’s Work." p. 76

Browning, Matthew. "Visiting the Psych Ward." p. 44

Bulick, Stephanie Ann. "Nooks and Crannies." p. 8

Cammol, Landar. "engine." p. 91

Catherman, Amanda. "corridor." p. 42
"The triangle reads: Better not tell you now." p. 1

Cobb, Christopher. "Ethics." p. 6
"History and Poetry." p. 86

Cole, Elizabeth. "words associated with sword." p. 48

Craig, Gavin. "Nov. 12, 1998." p. 14

Gumas, Stacy. "Cypress." p. 49

Hedin, Michael. "Grandpa Feeds Wild Cats." p. 115

Howes, Franny. "Epistolary." p. 5

Hudak, Rachael. "Waking, faded." p. 61

Kelley, Bryan. "a quiet heart cog." p. 121
"State of Emergency." p. 16

Milia, Matthew. "Fifth Internet Letter." p. 46

Moeller, Miriam. "Rainbow Crabs." p. 32

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Murray, Renee. "Like Waves." p. 92

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"For Nene, my great-grandma, in loving memory of Margaret Leebove." p. 50

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Ruud, Amanda. "He, Merriam and Webster." p. 26
"The poem he asked me to write for him." p. 90

Schall, Victoria. "Sunglasses." p. 78

Schoen, Molly. "Gingerbread Iron." p. 2
"A Passing Night." p. 102

Sellers, Hannah. "Untitled." p. 104

Somers, Ashley. "Lessons in Change." p. 15

Spiro, Stefanie. "lime green envy." p. 116

Yurasek, Leah. "Nice, France." p. 58

Zaid, Shanti Ali. "Elemental Reflections." p. 28

Zuckerman, Zara. "Let's Roll." p. 108

Collecting Glances

Collecting Glances, 2005

Editor: Kristen B. DeMay
Fiction Editor: Erin Riojas
Poetry Editor: Josh Guilford
Web Design: Trevor Briggeman
Board Members: Christy DeLano
Kate Puplis
Erin Kay Burke
Kendra Slayton
Ashley Somers
Carey Hamel
Nick Miller
Scott Tedford
Erin Garrant
Lindsay Tigue
Sarah Williams
Advisor: Julie Loehr

Baker, Nathan. "The It About Tuesday." p. 78
"Thought the Purple Meat" p. 24

Brittain, Jason. "Stigma of Black." p. 28

Dandsdill, Phil. "For the Pancakes." p. 102

Evon, William M. "Roy G. Biv." p. 92

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"Minus My Mother." p. 101

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Greening, Christopher. "The Taste of Home." p. 48

Hamadene, Amari. "Apheresis." p. 106

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"Purgatory." p. 94
"yellow snow." p. 12

Moeller, Miriam. "Water Spiders." p. 70

Murray, Rachel. "Jazz." p. 41
"Learn to play." p. 43
"The Wrong Side of Pennies." p. 44

Rajewski, Steven. "The Challenge of a Million Residues." p. 53
"Rest, Not Death." p. 11

Riekki, Ron. "Certain Sisters." p. 40
"Forgotten." p. 69

Salmons, Chuck. "In Amundsen's Wake." p. 27
"Iron." p. 107
"Walls." p. 54

Serafin, Susan. "Blues in Yellows." p. 100
"Johnny Depp." p. 64
"Torched." p. 26

Singh, Jaspal K. "Storytelling Woman." p. 32

Tigue, Lindsay. "At the Back of the Mind." p. 66
"Humans on Thanksgiving." p. 62

Webb, Elizabeth. "Pennies." p. 36

Webster, B. T. "The Hearse Curse." p. 29
"Miranda." p. 45

White, Bruce. "Directions." p. 35
"A quiet place in the country revisited." p. 46

Zoppa, Cody Alan. "Proposition." p. 104

Red Cedar Review: Volume 44

Red Cedar Review vol. 44, 2009

Managing Editors: Jill Kolongowski
Lindsey Kate Sloan
Arts & Graphics Editor: Iza Babinska
Fiction Editor: Molly Tranberg
Nonfiction Editor: Emily Wollner
Poetry Editor: Jenna Scafuri
Webmaster: Charles Roman
Business Manager: Natalie Eidenier
Events Coordinator: G. Angela Matovski
Fiction Readers: Brittany Baker
Chris Barnett
Liz Cappo
Lauren Chomiuk
Phillip DeAngelis
Stacie Dodgson
Alison Doyle
Allison Drompp
Natalie Eidenier
Aliya Firozvi
Jesse Fritz
Kate Geiger
Laura Jensen
Ashley Luster
Blerta Mileti
Dakota Morgan
Lauren Ritzler
Ryan Peck
Mary Simkins
Andrea Spykman
Jessica Zulli
Poetry Readers: Mycah Artis
Kristina Bird
Nicole Cilette
Bobby Coleman
Nina Elias
Amy Gibson
Laura Godek
Alexa Hayes
Courtney Hilden
Amanda Lewan
Paris Moore
Samara Napolitan
Laura Portko
Sara Qamar
Rachel Skibbe
Liz Young
Sarah Dumouchelle
Lindsey Hunt
Laura Michell
Danielle Sharp
Faculty Advisor: Gordon Henry

Bentley, Dick. "Overcoats." pp. 11-20.

Bolduc, Arianne. "Waiting: A Letter." pp. 69-70.

Case, Susan Howard. "Fox Fur." p. 55.

Craig, Gavin. "Patriarchal Poetry." pp. 85-86.

Cutter, Weston. "Minnehaha Creek." p. 35.

Davis, Pamela. "Blind Date with Baudelaire." p. 7.

Dobruse, Kathleen. "Untitled." p. 161.

Doyle, James. "Gobi Desert." p. 25.

Grosel, Charles. "The Pool Cleaner." pp. 73-81.

Dumochelle, Sarah. "Untitled." p. 165.

Fellinger, Richard. "He Never Talked About You." pp. 145-147.

Hammel, David R. "The Land-Grants." pp. 39-51.

Hayhurst. Johanna. "The Blue Woman." p. 107.

Jaeger, Lowell. "Excavation." pp. 23-24.

Johnson, Brad. "American Detour in Paris: A Step-by-Step Guide to Re-creating a Nightmare." pp. 29-33.

Johnson, Natalie. "Untitled." p. 157.

Kimball, R. D. "The Drowning of a Heliocentrist." p. 159.

Kolongowski, Jill and Lindsey Kate Sloan. "Interview with Michael Kimball." pp. 129-144.

Kuhl, Korey. "How to Button Your Father's Pants." pp. 3-4.

Lala, Michael. "Untitled." p. 167.

Landon, K. T. "Faith and Reason: A Love Story." pp. 89-97.

Lesch, Philip Zachary. "Flying Home." pp. 57-62.

McCarthy, Sean Padraic. "Songs from the Woods." pp. 113-127.

Miller, Erin. "For the Love of Todd." pp. 149-151.

Morneau, Dan. "A Sad Short Story." pp. 103-106.

Politis, Alex. "Our Rivers." pp. 153-155.

Roderick, Cynthia CL. "Glad to See You." pp. 65-67.

Rubinstein, Ben. "Untitled." p. 163.

Sammone, Ariel. "Welcome to Hell." p. 109.

Young, Ellen Roberts. "Strung Out." p. 99.

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Lansing Lit Mags: Ignite Lansing 3.0

"Lansing Lit Mags"

Presentation given at Ignite Lansing 3.0, 3/5/10

Video and Slides

Slides Only

Monday, June 30, 2008

Red Cedar Review: Volume 43

Red Cedar Review vol. 43, 2008

Managing Editor: Lindsey Kate Sloan
Assistant Editor: Jill Kolongowski
Art and Graphics Editor: Emma Reid
Fiction Editor: Maura Stackpoole
Nonfiction Editor: Jasmine Angelini-Knoll
Poetry Editor: Jenna Scafuri
Webmaster: Charles Roman
Business Manager: Bobby Coleman
Publicity Manager: Hillary Kribben
Readers: Mycah Artis
Brittany Baker
Lauren Chomiuk
Bobby Coleman
Pamela D’Arcy
Casey DeSmet
Trevor Donaldson
Alison Doyle
Valerie Edge
Natalie Eidenier
Aliya Firozvi
Amy Gibson
Courtney Hilden
Ashley Luster
G. Angela Matovski
Laura Mitchell
Lauren Naglick
Samara Napolitan
Sara Qamar
Emma Reid
Jana Rosinski
Ben Rubinstein
Katie Symanow
Molly Tranberg
Rose Wilson
Emily Wollner
Liz Young
Faculty Advisor: Gordon Henry

Ayers, Megan. "I Ruined It All For Billy Saddle" p. 103

Bainbridge, Jim. "The Blooming" p. 101

Banning, Elizabeth. "Words Alone" p. 35

Beamer, Amelia. "Tattoo" p. 99

Colby, Joan. "Photograph: A Study in Light and Form" p. 29

Elliott, Okla. "From the Crooked Timber" p. 5

Grosel, Charles. "Papa's Mower" p. 45

Hederman, Samantha. "Ode to a Trashcan in Room 108" p. 21

Kopel, Stephen. "Bookmark" p. 49

Lehman, Eric Gabriel. "Where Johannes Brahms Was Born" p. 53

Nguyen, Nicole. "An Open Letter from Emily Dickinson to Billy Collins, Re: A Missing Bonnet" p. 17

Sapp, David. "Pale Moon" p. 33

Shoemaker, Jan. "Beach Run" p. 23

Sloan, Lindsey Kate. "Editor's Note" p. 1

Sloan, Lindsey Kate and Jill Kolongowski. "Interview with Tom Bissell" p. 69

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Unvarnished Voices

Unvarnished Voices, 2004

Editor: Kristen B. DeMay
Fiction Editor: Erin Riojas
Poetry Editor: Josh Guilford
Copy Editor: Kate Puplis
Web Design: Trevor Briggeman
Fiction Board: Christy DeLano
Sarah Williams
Poetry Board: Michael Townshend
Trevor Briggeman
Advisor: Julie Loehr

Allen, Kathleen S. "How to Become a Dream Analyzer" p. 66
"Rosealee" p. 82

Ashmore, Erin. "If I Knew How to Dance" p. 14
"Silver Bands" p. 26
"Whistle to the Barking Dogs" p. 76

Briggeman, Rochelle. "Wind" p. 81

Chuhran, Megan. "On My Five Toes" p. 64

Conway, Casey. "The Kids Have a Favorite Teacher" p. 92
"To Frying Pan" p. 34

Cook, Kelli. "Cacophony" p. 36

De Cadenet, Clo. "A Letter to Eugene O'Neill" p. 38

Evon, William M. "Untitled" p. 90

Fields, Jana. "Stretching Souls" p. 50

George, Brandi. "Untitled" p. 75

Guilford, Josh. "Our Last Days" p. 12

Gumas, Stacy. "Adriatic Orbit" p. 41
"Carousel" p. 48
"Cinderella" p. 80

Hargress, Nathaniel. "Sex and Those Who Have Fallen by the Wayside" p. 58

Helmic, Mary. "Natural Reflection" p. 23

Henderson, Victoria. "Neat Cut" p. 22

Jones, Michael L. "The Coffin" p. 57

Klein, Rebecca. "Genesis" p. 95
"Moonlight Children" p. 24

Kruth, James. "One Fine Day in the Supermarket" p. 63

Lacoye, Wes G. "Sympathy, Empathy, Apathy" p. 60

Lang, Anna. "The Color of Shadows" p. 45

McCallum, Michael. "She Sings" p. 54

Murray, Rachel. "I Remember You on Friday Nights" p. 13
"You Look Like a Person I Know" p. 42

Passmore, Crystal. "Scars Like Rosaries" p. 96

Perez, Jason. "Victoria's Secret" p. 37

Peterson, Sarah. "War" p. 44

Rajewski, Steven. "Dead Mouse Winter" p. 29
"The Lonesome Battlement" p. 47
"A Peppered Earth" p. 11
"Plum Colored Guns" p. 97

Reckeweg, Brianna Kathleen. "The Obsession" p. 16

Ried, Michael Adams. "Souls that Bear Weight" p. 72

Schumacher, Carl. "Nightshow Mare" p. 35

Sleight, Ken. "Comfortable; Mary Finally Slept" p. 30

Stinson, Elizabeth. "After the First Night" p. 46

Tisdel, Laura. "The Babysitter" p. 70
"Listening to Schoenberg on a Sunday Night" p. 55